Monday, October 2, 2006

Woodward's book: State of Denial in the News

The top book in the news this weekend of course is Bob Woodward's third book on the Bush administration: State of Denial, covered here on the BBC News website:
"Veteran US journalist Bob Woodward has claimed that the true extent of insurgent attacks in Iraq has been hidden by the administration.
He makes the claim in a book, State of Denial, due to be released on Monday."

BHPL patrons can put a hold on the book from the online catalog.

Last week, or maybe the week before, was Banned Books Week which passed uneventfully. Here is a USA Today article about that most frequently banned book these days, Harry Potter (the series). The article states:
"A Georgia mother takes her fight against Harry Potter books to the state's highest school officials this week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, as her push hits the year mark and keeps going."
The Georgia mother believes the books promote witchcraft.

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