Saturday, January 6, 2007

RSS Feeds New on BHPL Blog

Proudly announcing new little technical additions to the blog this week: at the upper right, you will notice buttons for common RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds - Google, Yahoo, Bloglines and NewsGator, as well as the Site Feed link on the right-hand blog-roll and also down near the picture of Hazel the Cat at the bottom of the page. If you don't know what RSS and feeds are, (I am barely a step ahead of you, see my July post for my early forays into RSS land) but if you would like more information, try this link to the Wikipedia article or call us at the reference desk to find out how you can subscribe to the BHPL blog by RSS.
We will be offering computer classes later in the month or early February, but are available by appointment to help you with email or other computer problems. Look for computer class schedules soon in the Reference Department.
Speaking of techie stuff, Blogger upgraded not long ago and this blog lost some bells and whistles in the changeover. We are looking for those lost b and w, like the NYT Book Review that used to be at the bottom of the blog, as time permits. Upgrades are always a mixed blessing, double-edged sword, have pro's and cons. What other aphorism can be used to avoid saying: Please never change, I love you warts and all! to your computer programs?

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