Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BHPL Blog Linked to the Homepage

If you have clicked on the new Book Blog link on the BHPL website for the first time, welcome to the Berkeley Heights Public Library Book Blog. This blog has been on the web since May 2005 reviewing books, linking to interesting literary websites, finding the humorous, educational, entertaining, or just plain off-beat websites that cover the library-publishing-literary-bookish universe. We surf the web so you don't have to, could be the blog motto.
Reading this blog will keep you up to date on library programs, exhibits, book and non-book acquisitions, the hidden treasure trove of the library's databases, all while entertaining, informing and generally making you a better person. OK, maybe not the latter, but we hope you will enjoy reading the articles (called "posts" in the blogosphere) on this blog.

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