Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Sunday - How to Commit Murder

For all you mystery lovers and writers, the novelist Evelyn David will be coming to the library on Sunday at 3 pm to present "How to Commit Murder: A Mystery Author Offers Some Clues". And no, despite the title, she isn't going to outline all the particular ways in which characters can meet their end - the presentation is about writing and publishing a mystery novel. Evelyn David will also be revealing a secret about her own identity (some clues are available on her website). A book signing and chocolates will follow. Yes, chocolate.

If you haven't read her book, Murder Off the Books, the library owns a copy for your perusal. Snappy dialogue, a wolfhound named Whiskey, and a funeral home that's branching out into transporting more than just corpses - what's not to love?

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