Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sneak Peek at the New Catalog

BHPL will soon be replacing Aquabrowser with a new online catalog (one that shows BHPL's newly acquired stuff, and not stuff that we no longer have - 2 issues we have been having with Aquabrowser for months). The library's catalog computers will now have a "book river" with book covers from BHPL's collection marching across their computer screens instead of a screen saver.

The staff have been testing the new catalog on their home computers, and about half of them find it very slow (probably because their computers aren't state of the art). So our home page will link to that reliable stand-by, the classic catalog, and within the classic catalog there will be a link to the newer catalog for everyone who wants it. For those of you with lots of RAM who don't like the classic catalog, just bookmark the book river or the new catalog's search interface (we don't know the URL yet or I would link to it). One of the nice things about the new catalog is that you'll be able to choose a different username instead of remembering your 14 digit library barcode number - plus, it will remember you once you log in.

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