Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Questions of 2010

Q: I need the audiobook on Italian I checked out three months ago. It has a green and white plastic case and comes with a book.

A: There is no record kept of what you check out, except for things you owe overdue fines on. So I went over to the foreign language learning CDs and DVDs, which are in alphabetical order by language. There were three possibilities, but when I asked if there was a gondola on the cover, that seemed to clinch it.

Q: What is the phone number of Honda headquarters in the US?

A: If you go to, you'll see "American Honda Motor Co." in small print at the bottom of the page. I typed that into ReferenceUSA, a website the library subscribes to, and looked for the company in the search results with a down arrow under the Corporate Tree column. (You click on the down arrow to see subsidiaries; only the top level company has just a down arrow.) You can search ReferenceUSA from home by going to and clicking on Remote Databases.

Q: What are the side effects of coenzyme Q10?

A: I kept getting different answers for this one. I went to and clicked Custom Search. Then I scrolled down to Health and clicked on Health Source Consumer Edition (otherwise you will get highly technical articles on medical studies) and searched for coenzyme Q10. This brought up an article from CRS Medication Advisor. I also Googled "coenzyme Q10 side effects" and which brought up this Mayo Clinic article. WebMD also had some different side effects listed for this dietary supplement.

Q: Where are the audiobooks about sales and selling?

A: I searched the BHPL Catalog for sales as a subject, but kept getting too much fiction. So I searched for books with sales in the title and wrote down one book's call number. Once we got to that place on the shelf, all of the sales audiobooks were there.

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