Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Library Blog Welcomes New Correspondent

The Berkeley Heights Public Library Blog is pleased to welcome Fleur, our new blogging correspondent who will report on New Jersey environmental news straight from the heart of the Berkeley Heights wetlands. We first encountered Fleur two years ago while walking along the path through the swamp behind the library and posted about that fortuitous encounter in this blog post in 2008. Since that time, Fleur has been a regular presence in the swamp. Anyone venturing down the woodland path might also spot Fleur's relatives Federico, who lives in the tree roots overhanging the creek under the bridge, and a whole gang of other frogs who sometimes shade bathe on the mud beach below the bridge. Today, I spotted Fleur's grandfrog, Flavia, perched in the pipe - peering out with glinting copper eyes.

Please welcome Fleur the Frog, our Environmental Affairs contributor. We look forward to his/her (?) posts about living 'green' in NJ.
Dewey Decimal # for Frog books: 597.89

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