Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to the Well

I read somewhere that it's ok to repost blog posts. Phew! So about a year ago and a year before that and in fact, every spring, I post about my misadventures with gardening. Here is the link to last year's lament which within it's text has a link to the year before and so on ad either inifnitum or ad nauseum or ad something.

This year, I started green bean seedlings from seed on the kitchen windowsill, figuring I would play to my strengths. My first foray into the bean universe was a fiasco, but things went better last year, so we'll see. It is raining to beat the band lately so I'm thinking growing pond mold would be the best bet at this point.

I have also already begun palming off extra chives from my garden to my colleagues. If you need chives, let me know. Herbs do well in my garden probably because the local bunnies and other varmints prefer their salads without herbal adornment. They take the lettuce and carrot and radish tops and leave the herbs. Thanks, guys and gals. I feel like a real-life Farmer McGregor (note the children's book reference; you can borrow a book for free if you can identify what book he appeared in.)
To further connect this blog post to our mission of "marketing the library", here's what you need to know about finding gardening books in the library:
the online catalog tells us that the top secret gardening code number is 635. Just hie on back to that area of the library stacks and get inspired to garden. If you have extra zucchinis at the end of the summer, bring us some and it might get its own slide show like Zucchini Visits the Library which you can watch if you scroll down to the bottom of this blog.

Happy Gardening and to All a Good Harvest!
My kitchen windowsill display midsummer

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