Friday, November 2, 2012

Berkeley Heights Public Library after Hurricane Sandy

Monday, November 5, 2012 update: the library is open today from 9 am to 9 pm and will be resuming regular hours from today on. The library schedule is posted on the homepage. 

In answer to your expressions of awe and admiration asking for the name of the cartoonist of the above work of high art, this librarian/blogger must plead guilty to drawing it. No actual persons living or dead are depicted in the cartoon and no dogs were harmed in the process. The dog is Addie, but she had to stay home in my cold house and thinks, built-in fur coat notwithstanding, that is an unfair and discriminatory policy :-(

The Berkeley Heights Public Library has been open since Wednesday and filled with people using our wifi, computers, phone recharging and just enjoying the heat and light. The book, magazine and newspaper readers hang out on the comfy chairs near the Circulation Desk. The laptoppers plug in anywhere there is a spot with a power outlet - the Meeting Room on the lower level, upstairs, downstairs, in the stacks, at the carrels. Families with children stay for hours using the AWE computers (educational computers for kids), coloring, reading etc.
Welcome and stay safe to our Berkeley Heights patrons and visitors from other areas.
- the library staff


Mary Astarita said...

Lots of positive energy at BHPL!

Anne said...

yes, electrical energy specifically LOL. thanks for your comment. see you soon