Thursday, November 29, 2012

Old Photographs of Berkeley Heights, NJ

The old photographs of Berkeley Heights, NJ, are from the library's 'Old Houses and Sites' file. Most photographs have very little, if any, identifying information. If you know anything about these pictures, please comment.
Berkeley Heights Train Station, undated
According to Images of America, Berkeley Heights (94) this photo of a steam-powered  Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad locomotive was taken in 1920.
Berkeley Heights Train Station, undated

Falls near Route 78, undated, falls now filled in

The Grandmother House, 23 Horseshoe Road

 The Grandmother House is part of the Littel-Lord Farmhouse Museum in Berkeley Heights. The architectural style is Carpenter Gothic and the house was built by the Lord family after they purchased the Littel farm in 1867.
Bungalow with Horse and Buggy, undated
Work cited: Images of America Berkeley Heights by Virginia B. Troeger. 1996

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Anonymous said...

Falls near rt 78. Used to be called "the Gorge". Off Plainfield Ave, on the West side. I was last there in the mid 1950s. Beautiful spot.