Friday, June 12, 2009

More Paperback Fun

One of the books I read on the plane (taken from the shelf of paperbacks in the room behind the circulation desk - no fines if you lose those on vacation) was Hot Mahogany by Stuart Woods. This is the second-latest in the Stone Barrington series and the copy I read came with a money back guarantee. I read a lot of mysteries and this series is refreshing because it doesn't revolve around murder. Usually Stone, a cop turned attorney, helps his clients out of various types of hot water. He has a plane, a house in Connecticut, and a continually rotating bevy of beauties to take to dinner at Elaine's in New York. The pages at the back of Hot Mahogany have a message form Stuart Woods, who says he'll reply if you email him through his web site (but only if you type your email address in correctly & don't send him story ideas).

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