Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PRAXIS Practice and more tests online free

This seems to be the time of year for taking PRAXIS tests. We noticed that the library's supply of PRAXIS practice test books is dwindling fast. (Say that five times fast.) Probably neighboring libraries are experiencing the same run on test books. To provide patrons with an unending, always available supply of test prep materials, The Berkeley Heights Public Library subscribes to the online practice test website Learning Express Library which is kind of like the goose that keeps laying golden eggs. Patrons can set up free accounts and take practice tests for the GED, ACT, AP, CLEP, PSAT, SAT, TOEFL, ASVAB and other civil service tests for police and firefighters, real estate tests, citizenship tests, tests for commercial drivers license and for allied health care. Learning Express Library also provides help with resume writing and job searching, a newly added feature. With this test prep website, the tests are available 24/7 for anyone with an internet-connected computer. Students don't need to worry that the test book they want is too old, checked out or missing from the shelves. Virtual tests cannot be misshelved, there are no overdue fines and the whole website if free for anyone with a Berkeley Heights Public Library card.
Just today a patron came in to tell me that the test website was not working, but it turns out that Learning Express is working, but patrons need to know to go through the Berkeley Heights Public Library home page to access it. I can't stress this enough. The databases and resources offered by your local libraries must be accessed through the library's website and patrons will be asked to authenticate themselves with their library card barcode. These resources cannot be found by Googling and cannot be accessed from the company websites. It's a clunky system which we could explain in detail, but we try to keep this blog lively and engaging so you will love your library. Go to the BHPL homepage, click on "Remote Databases" and follow the screen prompts to find resources not available through googling: decades of full-text newspapers and magazines, downloadable music and audiobooks, streaming movies, interactive children's books, language materials, reference books and e-books. Call or stop by the Reference Desk, we love these databases and have the bookmarks to prove it.


Christy said...

I would love to be able to use the Praxis testing materials but unfortunately I don't have a library card from there. Is there anyway I can get one or a temporary ID or anything.

Ellen said...

Unfortunately our license agreement only lets us give access to Learning Express to residents of Berkeley Heights. But if you live here, it is very easy to get a card. Just stop by with your license.