Monday, July 27, 2009

Books by Dogs for Dogs

For those of you who follow this blog regularly (and there must be as many of you as beans in my garden) you will know that Addie, my dog, makes the occasional appearance. In addition to her blogging skills, Addie has a column on my bookgroup website where she lists books about dogs, by dogs (or from the point of view of dogs and ghost-written by humans.) And she gives one-line reviews and ratings of 1 - 5 dogbones. Knowing this, my library colleagues pass on to me any books they feel Addie might enjoy. The Unscratchables, a new breed of crime novel by Cornelius Kane is the latest doggish book that crossed my path. Simon and Schuster's website has an interview with the author who is as funny as the dog who wrote the book. You don't suppose Crusher McNash, Bulldog detective, and Cornelius Kane are one and the same? Doggone it, if you can't trust a dog, who can you trust? Addie is putting the Unscratchables on her reading list but right now she thought she needed to rest and recover from yesterday's hailstorm.
Photo: Addie a la Marilyn a la Warhol by way of Photoshop

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