Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Probable Future

The book group will discuss The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman this Friday. Generations of women in the Sparrow family have woken up on their 13th birthday with a magical gift. Thirteen-year old Stella can foresee how people will die; her mother Jenny dreams the dreams of other people at night; and her grandmother Elinor knows when she is told a lie.

When Stella asks her father to warn a woman she sees about her murder, he becomes a murder suspect himself. The ensuing media frenzy in Boston sends Jenny and Stella back home to the village of Unity, whose dark past is entangled with the Sparrow women's history.

Alice Hoffman gave a long interview to Jennifer Morgan Gray about The Probable Future. Publisher's Weekly also had an interview on the book. Discussion questions are available at ReadingGroupGuides. The New York Times also published a couple of reviews, one by Janet Maslin and one by Janice Nimura.

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