Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inspector Morse

It's hard to believe that it's been 13 years since the last book was published in Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse series - and 12 years since the TV episodes wrapped up. This summer, Masterpiece Mystery! on PBS will air a prequel, in which Morse is only a constable.  Readers who had to read the series for years and years in order to discover Morse's first name will be shocked - shocked! - to discover that the prequel has been given Morse's first name.  There's also an ongoing TV spinoff, Inspector Lewis, featuring Morse's former sergeant.

In case you are a bit late to the Morse mysteries, like me, they are set in Oxford, England. So the colleges of Oxford University and their students and dons are often involved.  Readers get to know the pubs of Oxford well too, since Morse, a bachelor, is quite a drinker.  He is good at crossword puzzles, loves opera and attended Oxford for a while, but otherwise his past is a mystery. As aforementioned, we didn't even know his first name.  The mysteries are also enjoyable for their very tight plotting.  I listened to The Daughters of Cain audiobook, downloaded from

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