Friday, December 16, 2016

Memo Memes: passive aggressive memos

End of year tidying in the Reference Department meant going through our clipboard of recent memos to reference librarians and the binder of old memos. We tossed the outdated and  irrelevant memos. We also noticed the top 10 most popular memo items were as follows: (I might be exaggerating a little #Fakememos #ReductioadAbsurdum #LibraryLife)

10. Please answer the phone if no one else answers it. 
   10a. Clarification: If Circ is busy, Ref should pick up the phone for them.
9. To transfer a call, press the transfer button then transfer to the desired extension.
  9a. To put a call on hold, press the hold button.
  9b. To answer the phone, pick it up, press the lit button. Say 'hello.'
8. If a computer is not working, turn on the monitor.
  8a. If a computer is not working, check to see that it is plugged in.
  8b. If a computer is not working, press the power button on the CPU.
  8c. The CPU is the big box thing on the floor or the desk that is not the monitor.
7. If printer is not printing, check to see if it needs a new ink cartridge.
    7a. If printer is not printing, check to see if it is plugged in and turned on. 
    7b. If printer is not printing, check the paper.
6. Please use your 'library voices' in the library. (This means staff)
     6a. Do not yell at patrons to use their 'library voices.'
5. When finished in the Break Room, please wash your  coffee mugs
     5a. or I will throw them out.
     5b. Please throw out your old food in the refrigerator.
     5c. or I will throw it out.
     5d. Please mark your lunches with your name and date.
     5e. or someone will eat it or throw it out 
     5f. The Break Room has no more mugs, please bring in your own mugs.
4. Please read all memos on the memo clipboard and review them periodically.
3. Please write all notes to to other staff legibly.
    3a. email me if you can't write legibly 
    3b. Text me if it is an emergency.
    3c. Interlibrary loan is never an emergency
2. Please sign and date all notes you leave for the reference librarians.
    2a. No, I do not recognize your handwriting.
1. Please initial all memos when you have read them.

Thank you and here's to a whole new bunch of memos in 2017!

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