Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Library Closed Until Further Notice

Due to storm damage from Irene, the library is closed until further notice. Remember, you can use your Berkeley Heights library card to check out items at nearby libraries including New Providence, Long Hill, Summit and Chatham.

Now on to our regularly scheduled blog post:

Last week summer's film festival just wrapped up at BHPL. Before the movie plays, a powerpoint of reviews for that night's movie runs on a loop. We had some really great films, and they mostly got great reviews. But it's the occasional negative review that adds some spice:

The Concert was so unfunny, I had to consult to make sure that it was indeed listed as a comedy.” – Rachel Saslow, Washington Post

“Hollywood has a long history of turning highbrow art into middlebrow mush, and Mao's Last Dancer is just one more kick dancer in that long line.”– Richard Nilsen, Arizona Republic

“Punitively affirmational parable.” – Jessica Winter, Village Voice on The Way Home

“This is a movie so excited to exist that it overwhelms you with plot. Sitting through it is like opening the door to an overloaded closet. Stuff just tumbles out.” – Wesley Morris, Boston Globe, writing about White Wedding

"Complacent middlebrow tosh" - Ty Burr, Boston Globe, on The King's Speech

The audience at the library liked these movies - there was a lot of laughter, and teary eyes when the lights came up. If you'd like to form your own opinion, these movies are available for check out on DVD as soon as the library reopens.

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